Shark D-Skwal 2 Atraxx: motorcycle helmet, purple

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The D-Skwal 2 offers outstanding aerodynamic enhancements thanks to its spoiler, providing for optimal fluidity and tremendous stability – It takes full advantage of a new ventilation configuration identical to that of the Skwal 2 model, to which it owes its inspiration.

- Schale aus injiziertem thermoplastischem Harz
• Micro lock buckle system
- EPS mit unterschiedlicher Dichte
• Pinlock Max Vision® included in the box
- UV380-gekennzeichnetes, kratzfestes Visier
• “Autoseal” system: enmeshes the visor into the helmet, thereby improving soundproofing and making the helmet resistant to both water and cold air
• Quick visor release system
• “BIRD EYES” lining fabric, black color
• Removable interior suitable for machine washing (30°C max)
• “EasyFit” system: optimal comfort for riders wearing glasses
• “Dual use” anti-fog breath guard removable
• Anti-fog mask
• Slot reserved for the Sharktooth® intercom
• 2 air inlets
• 2 air extractors
• Aerodynamics optimized by means of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design studies
• ECE 22-05

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